What the Health?


Hi everyone! In a world full of opinions and too many decisions it can get confusing on what we should be eating. A recent documentary has come out promoting the benefits of a plant based diet. It is called What the Health. I had a chance to watch it, and of course I thought it was incredible. It was full of useful information for those wanting to prevent or fight disease, cancer, weight gain and early death. 

It also talked about how diabetes is actually created from eating an abundance of animal products and not so much from processed sugar! This information is new and hard to believe, but there are scientists who have proven it to be true. I have noticed many bloggers in the health food industry disagreeing with the documentary and finding it to be one sided. Its hard to understand, but promoting a plant based diet can appear one sided of course.

People who truly believe in the benefits of this lifestyle don't believe we should be consuming animal products for optimal heath. I believe that only positive changes can come from transitioning to a plant based diet! As long as you are doing it correctly and making sure you are eating REAL, whole foods, you are going to thrive!! We are here to guide you and teach you how to fuel your body the correct way. Please let me know your thoughts below if you have had the chance to see this documentary! 


Let's build a better you.